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More than 30 km of hiking and almost 100 km of cycling trails, adrenaline park, cruising trough the Uvac canyon, swimming on Zlatarski, Radoinjski or Tavnicki lakes, fishing, touring the Mileseva monastery, trips to the ethno-village Stitkovo, Usacke and Ledene caves. You can make your stay at Zlatar active and unforgettable. For more detailed information, we suggest you to visit and

Uvac special nature reserve

The unique, winding meanders of lake Uvac represent maybe the most famous natural beauty of Serbia that you should definitely visit. The Uvac special nature reserve is, in addition to the griffon vulture, a rare species of vulture eagle with an impressive wingspan of 3 m, home to more than a hundred species of birds. The view from the lookout will leave you breathless.


Lakes and rivers

The gorge of the river Uvac with its meanders and lakes is difficult to describe in words-this unique beauty should be experienced: the freshness of clear water, the scents of untouched nature and the griffon vulture will not leave you indifferent. In the immediate vicinity of Zlatar, five lakes and three rivers await you.



The largest cave system in Serbia, the Usacka cave system, is another jewel of the natural beauties of Serbia and the tourist offer of Zlatar. In addition to its impressive size, this speleological object will amaze you with the beauty of its decorations in the form of stalactites, stalagmites, pillars, saliva, etc.



The Dinaric mountain Zlatar is located between rivers Lim, Uvac, Milesevka and Bistrica. It is the most beautiful in a series of incredibly beautiful mountains that adorn the areas of southwestern Serbia. The average altitude is between 1,200 and 1,400 m, with the highest peak on Goli brdo of 1,627 m. From the apartment "Tri srca" you will be able to enjoy the view of the mountains Javor and Cemernica.


Churches and monasteries

Churches and monasteries are one of the most beautiful traces of the lost history on Zlatar. These attractive curtular-historical and religious buildings built of stone or wood fit perfectly into the idyllic landscapes of Zlatar. A tour of them will give you experiences that you will always be happy to talk about.


History and culture

It is not known exactly how Zlatar got its name. According to one theory, it was inspired by beautiful meadows and forests that turn golden in autumn. Some, on the other hand, believe that the name dates back to the time of Nemanjic, when gold was allegedly searched for in these parts. For centuries, Zlatar has been a crossroads of civilizations, as evidenced by numerous cultural and historical assets and monuments.



Get to know a rich tradition, cultural and tourist offer of Zlatar through numerous events. The most famous is "Zlatarafest", within you can visit Sirijada, Zlatarska regatta, the festival of traditional singing shouts, exhibitions, concerts...


Walking trails

Walking and staying in the woods have many beneficial effects on health, and the woods and walking trail at Zlatar have progressed-more than 30km. Allow Zlatar Forest Medicine to strengthen your immune system, improve your better mood and make you feel better.


Bicycle tours

Proponents of active vacation can get to know the beautiful landscapes of Zlatar by riding on two points marked routes that lead to Uvac, Sjenica, Mileseva Monastery. You can also rent bicycles at the Panorama Hotel.


Adrenaline park

Want to test your courage, dexterity? Do you like physical challenges and adrenaline rush? If your answer is positive to both questions, a certified 340m long track full of challenges and obstacles at ana average height of 5 m is the right thing for you.


Zip line

Zlatar also offer facilities for guests with an adventurous spirit. The recently built zip line with a total length of about 1km in two routes (602 m and 390 m), gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty during an exciting descent totaling a minute and a half.


Riding quads

• Recreational driving on quads on the slopes of Zlatar is a special experience and an unforgettable adrenaline experience, which requires maturity, responsibility and a driver license. You can rent four-wheelers in Vila "Zorka", which is at your disposal for more detailed information on the phone number +381 (0)64 18 78 964 . Enjoy driving taking care of nature, be careful and responsible for your own and the safety of others.


Carp, catfish, trout, bream, baboon, are just some of the 14 species of fish in the lakes of the Uvac canyon, which is why Zlatar is an attractive destination for fisherman. Maybe the next capital catch is waiting for you...



After long walks, recreation, sports or a tour of natural beauties and historical sights, indulge in irresistible culinary delights provided by the traditional specialties of the Zlatar region table, whose recipes are passed from generation to generation.